Trip FAQs

We love to answer your questions about traveling to the Holy Land! Here are a few common ones:

It is truly a life changing experience to walk the Holy Land in the footsteps of Jesus. On your pilgrimage, you are joining in with the brothers and sisters who have walked the Holy Land before you – Abraham and Sarah, David and Solomon, the Blessed Mother Mary, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and even Christ Jesus himself. It is Jesus who will accompany you on your pilgrimage by his Spirit and it is Jesus who is the goal of the pilgrimage. To encounter Jesus is to leave you changed. It will change the way you pray, the way you read the Bible, your commitment to your parish, and strengthen your faith. You will leave your Holy Land pilgrimage with a deeper understanding that God’s Love Endures Always.

Practically, Love Endures Always is here to help. Let Camil or another guide know what delay or problem you are facing. We are familiar with the area and with travel, and want to help you troubleshoot for a smooth trip.

Spiritually, if delays or issues do arise, remember that a pilgrimage is about walking with God. If you are feeling frustrated, feel free to pray with the priest leading your journey. Above all, remember that your journey is in the hands of God. He is with you and is at work in all circumstances. Trust his plans for you each day and meet him in those plans.

Jerusalem is about 60 miles from the Gaza Strip where there is much greater unrest. Our pilgrimages do not go near the area of unrest. Your safety is our highest priority and you will find the areas we visit will feel safe and welcoming.

We want to help you make your trip to the Holy Land possible. Contact us. We can help!

It is a great idea to bring your credit card on your trip, just remember to call your bank and let them know the dates you are going to be out of the country. Additionally, bringing a small amount of cash ($100-$150) is a good idea. There are ATMs available in some locations if you need more cash on your trip.

We know Travel Insurance is a new thing for many people coming to the Holy Land. Visit our Travel Insurance page to learn more.

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