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Who We Are

The mission of the Love Endures Always Pilgrimage is to deepen your relationship with God by exploring and engaging with the people and places of the Holy Land. Centered in the reality that the love of the Lord will always endure, pilgrims embark on a priest-led journey in the footsteps of Jesus. Throughout the journey, you will encounter the love of Jesus as we walk the land and meet the people where Jesus was born, preached, healed, suffered, died, and rose again. As a result of this experience, you will be equipped and inspired to build bridges from Jerusalem to your own communities, awakening the truth in your heart that LOVE ENDURES ALWAYS.

Meet Camil

Camil’s heart in creating the Love Endures Always Pilgrimage is to ignite each pilgrim’s faith and spur you onwards in Christ’s mission of love. Born and raised in the Holy Land, Camil knows the impact that the people and places you visit will have on you. Your pilgrimage will allow you to see the Bible in color as you experience it with all of your senses. You will leave the Holy Land equipped to build bridges from the Holy Land to your own community. What truly sets Love Endures Always apart is the love Camil has for the Lord and the love he has for each and every pilgrim who comes on the journey. At Love Endures Always, you will be loved as family.

Why Go With Us

Love Endures Always Pilgrimage offers a truly unique, local experience, as we witness HIS love by walking in HIS footsteps through the Holy Land. Our priest led pilgrimages prioritize Story, Support, and Safety.


Each of us has our own life story. When you come to the Holy Land, you will encounter and engage with the beauties of the story of Jesus Christ, a story that you will see with your eyes and feel with your hands. By encountering the places and people where Jesus lived, died, and rose again, your own story will be forever changed. Your heart will be changed, your actions will be changed, your church will be changed, and your community will be changed.


Because Camil is from the area and knows the local culture, Love Endures Forever will ensure that your trip will support the local people living in the Holy Land. We know the local people, we will support the local businesses, and we will make sure that your trip will benefit the people who call the Holy Land home.


Your safety is always our highest priority. Our local expertise will ensure that you are in safe locations throughout your travels.


“I had a wonderful time on my pilgrimage to the Holy Land”

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